• I'm working on the last features of Coque And Kieagua Rally. The game has become something a little different of what I planned at first, but in the end it is a game easy to play, enough indeed for kids but enjoyable too (I wish) for adult retrogaming players.

  • Coque And Kieagua 1.3 is available from Aminet This is probably the last version of the game as I think it is completed or at least it includes everything I thought it should have. In this new version there is a new level in a snowy landscape and even more important, a new Championship game mode (the older one is called Adventure). Also the car features has been adjusted to improve the playability. For instance, maybe you will notice the 4x4 is better crossing the oil spots now.

  • I'm starting the development of a new game for the Commodore Amiga. The idea is to create a simulation game where you are the team principal of a racing team.

    Currently I'm writing the race logic. Everything is in a early stage of development. For now, you can send orders to your drivers an accelerate the time playing in a single circuit. There are a lot of things to add such as the fuel consumption, engine failures, tyres degradation... Then the administration of the team between races.

  • Amiga C Engine (ACE) is, as you can imagine, a game engine written in C for the Commodore Amiga. There are a few interesting games developed in ACE; ami-invaders, AMIner, Impsbru, OpenFire, Goblin Villages, CastleHack and Squared. There is a GitHub repository where you can clone or download the source and there you will find an introductory documentation. The documentation is incomplete but just enough to give an idea about how to start. The good news is that the project is active being the last commit four weeks old when I'm writing this,

    After downloading the source or cloning the repo  you can build the library using VBCC or GCC. The second one is the option I tried and it worked perfectly on my Linux cross compiling environment. Anyway, after seeing Aminer repository y followed their approach for my tests and used the source as a dependency, meaning this that I added all the source and header files to my Codeblocks project. In other words, I'm not using the compiled library.

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