Coque And Kieagua 1.3 is available from Aminet This is probably the last version of the game as I think it is completed or at least it includes everything I thought it should have. In this new version there is a new level in a snowy landscape and even more important, a new Championship game mode (the older one is called Adventure). Also the car features has been adjusted to improve the playability. For instance, maybe you will notice the 4x4 is better crossing the oil spots now.

So, the "Championship" mode, which is now the default mode for playing the game, allows you to play all the levels without being affected by the  checkpoints. After ending a level you will see the results of the race and a second screen showing the championship table. To win a race you have to explode more balloons than the other drivers and in case of drawn the time will be deciding the winner.

In the "Adventure" mode, the challenge is to complete the four existing routes. In all of them you will find balloons that you must explode, cones  you can collide with and oil spots that will waste your time. The goal is to break as many balloons as possible to appear in the record table. In case of a tie in the number of balloons, the times are compared. In each level there are two checkpoints and the final goal. Every checkpoint has a time limit that you should not exceed. If you reach the finish line you will race on the next circuit.

If you need some tips just take this into account, the 4x4 is very slow so, is bad car for completing the Adventure mode but perfect for capturing balloons playing a Championship, then is a good car for winning any race. On the other side, the Formula is very fast which is good for the Adventure but is difficult to explode enough balloons for wining a race in a Championship.

And that's all. I have been developing this game for a year, learning Blitz Basic and how the Amiga works and its limitations. For me, this is the most amazing point, how to achieve what you want to do with all these restrictions. I expected an easier experience and designed the game thinking on the available number of sprites, the capabilities of the dual playfield and so on but then, I discovered things I didn't know. I had to change many aspects after discovering that the number of sprites was reduced because of the screen resolution selected, then I had to reduce the number of moving objects when I tried the game on a real Amiga 1200, I also learned how to use the Copper to improve the graphics, and many other things... But that was funny in the end.



Version 1.3.0

  - New level cretated.
  - Championship mode.
  - Car features changed to give a better playability.
Version 1.2.0

  - Copper gradients used to improve all levels.
  - Optimizations to keep the game running at 50FPS on a 030 Amiga.
Version 1.1.0

  - Color bars showing features of each vehicle in the menu screen.
  - New text input in the menu. It is possible to introduce your name.
  - Now the score board stores real player names if introduced at the

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