coque and kieagua rally

  • I'm working on the last features of Coque And Kieagua Rally. The game has become something a little different of what I planned at first, but in the end it is a game easy to play, enough indeed for kids but enjoyable too (I wish) for adult retrogaming players.

  • Being honest, I was in a hurry to finish the game for the Capacitor Party 2019 and there were some more things i planned to add  to complete it. I have started to implement them, so probably there will be a few more releases of the game. The next one will include these:

  • Coque And Kieagua Rally is a game I have made for my children which are 5 and 2 years old. It is a kids game where you have to break balloons using the car you drive. There are no lives or shots and it was even planned that there would be no game over.

    In recent months, the possibility of sending it to the Capacitor Party emerged and this changed the first idea a bit. Checkpoints were added and that made it possible to lose (game over) if you run out of time. Even so, the difficulty is low and it should be easy to finish the three levels that exist.

    You can download the game here


    Version 1.2 of the game brings more colors to the screen. Now the Copper chip is used to change the palette on every level. You will see more detailed skies,  clouds, roads and other parts of the backgrounds. After changing this, I noticed a low frame rate when using my real Amiga 1200 accelerated with a Typhoon 1230 MKII so I had to spent some days checking the code and thinking how to reach 50 FPS again.


    Version 1.1.0 of Coque And Kieagua  is available for download. This release includes features to allow the players to use their name in the score board. The menu screen has been redesigned to make space for the new text input. Now, it is possible to introduce the player's name at the beginning of the game. The second noticeable thing is the color bars at the bottom of the selected cart which show how the car performs in terms of speed, jumping and grip. 

  • Coque And Kieagua 1.3 is available from Aminet This is probably the last version of the game as I think it is completed or at least it includes everything I thought it should have. In this new version there is a new level in a snowy landscape and even more important, a new Championship game mode (the older one is called Adventure). Also the car features has been adjusted to improve the playability. For instance, maybe you will notice the 4x4 is better crossing the oil spots now.

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