Coque, a minigame for small kids

Android version

Coque is the word that Hugo used when he was 2 years old for what we call car (coche in Spanish). As you can imagine, he loves to play with toy cars so I decided to make a little game for Android tablets. I developped the game three years ago and it is available at Google Play since then. Now I'm porting it to our beloved Amiga platforms and the Morphos version is almost ready.

The game is very simple, keep in mind that Hugo was two years old. All you have to do is touch the objects and animals that appear while our car travels on an infinite road (do not expect to get anywhere). You can touch the animals and listen to their sounds, make the tractor move and make the day become night clicking on the sun... In addition kids can learn the numbers from 1 to 5 and a few colors.

I found it rewarding to see Hugo touching the screen saying things like "coque illo!", "Luna!", "Tractor!" ...

I think this minigame has a better user experience using an Android device but anyway i will publish this desktop version soon.


Toram 0.8.0 released

Toram 0.8.0 has been released today.

The first new feature provides user authentication whenever the server is configured in such way. To use that, you can introduce your username and password in the connection window.

Toram 0.8.0 connection window

Secondly, the properties window includes much more information now. Even more, this window has been redesigned in order to show all the meta data clearly.

Toram 0.8.0 properties window


  • Added user authentication to the connection window
  • Properties window changed: more information provided and better layout

 You can download Toram 0.8.0 from Aminet

Toram 0.6.0 released

Toram 0.6.0 has been released.


  • New storage system for configuration data
  • After launched the application tries to restore the last connection. 
  • Upload and download speed limit is settable using a menu from the main window
  • New context menu for torrent items in the main list



Read more: Toram 0.6.0 released

Toram 0.7.0 released

Toram 0.7.0 has been released. This new version includes support for locale library, allowing to translate Toram to any language. To help translators to get the application on other languages the .cd file is included. In addition the Spanish catalog is bundled with the application.

New languages will be added if received so, if  you have a translation please contact me (i.e.  you can add a comment to this post ).

 Toram 0.7.0


  • Added locale.library support for translations. file is provided in the Catalogs directory 
  • Translated to Spanish included. 

 You can download Toram 0.7.0 from Aminet

Toram 0.5.0 released

Toram 0.5.0 has been released. The main new feature is to open .torrent files. A new button is available at the top bar which  opens a file requester. In addition you can specify the file as a parameter if you start the program from cli and even double click a torren file (if you have assign the file type to the application)


Version 0.5.0

  • Now it is possible to start the application with a torrent file paremter from cli or WB
  • Better menu and button management if there is no item selected
  • Reconnect: The remote daemon is detectted after being lost
  • More bug fixes

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